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Published: 27th May 2011
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Are you the person everyone comes to for financial advice?

Do your friends, family members and coworkers ask you about saving and investing, planning or anything to do with money?

Do you live a debt free lifestyle while those around you are struggling to pay the minimum balance on their credit cards?

If so you may want to share your knowledge with the world by creating your own personal financial blog. Personal finance information is always a hot commodity, and the importance of financial discipline and frugal living is only expected to grow in this economy.

When you run your own personal financial blog you can share the knowledge you have gained with those around the country and around the world, and you may even be able to earn a few extra dollars on the side for your efforts.

And if you have paid attention to the internet lately sharing is the new trend, from videos, to tweeting to digging and facebooking.
So why not share what you know, it may be something that someone can use to help them out.

And if you are not a person with the resources to share, you may be able to find useful information that you can use to help you. And maybe once you have become proficient you may be able to share the information you have learned with others.

A Source Of Advertising Revenue

In fact blogs are increasingly an important source of advertising revenue, and many of those who run popular blog sites can pick up some substantial income simply by sharing what they know and inviting others to comment.

Since personal finance is such an important subject those who are able to create a popular and well regarded personal financial blog may be able to do quite well.

You can use content and image marketing in your blog. Or you can let people advertise directly on your blog.

Provide Accurate And Unbiased Information

But of course the sharing of knowledge should be the hallmark of any good personal financial blog, and it is important to provide accurate and unbiased information.

Allowing others to share their stories and their experiences is a great way to provide the flow of information that can help keep people out of debt and allow those who are in debt to get back on their financial feet.

You can have a blog that is closed where only the owner can add content or you can have a blog that is open to the public or just the members.

The way it is set up is dependent on the owner of the blog. Or if you donít want to run a blog you can share your knowledge on other peopleís blogs.

If You Consider Yourself A Financial Guru

So if you consider yourself a financial guru now may be a great time to share what you know with those around the country and around the world.

Starting a personal financial blog is easy and inexpensive.
In fact there are many free sites on the internet where users can sign up and create their own personal blog sites. This makes it even easier for you to share what you know and help others deal with their financial issues.

Or you can start a blog from your own website, this way you will have total control over every aspect of the blog.
And donít forget to have fun sharing your knowledge, your way.

Shaunta Pleasant is a professional writer and editor on debt consolidation topics. Visit her site to learn more about debt consolidation blogs:

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